unding atmosphere has become a little weird.

2021年5月13日 By njyeshenghuo

It was too quiet. Although Marina was old, her thinking was not slow.
The forest suddenly became too quiet. I could hear a few unknown bird calls just now, but at this moment it seems that all the animals living in the forest 南京419论坛 have disappeared.
The snow falling in the sky has become denser and denser, and a blizzard will soon be here.
When Castle Marina was thinking about where to escape the blizzard, an old and solemn building came into her eyes.
It is not the first time that she has traveled back and forth on this road to Nolan, but she has never seen such a majestic castle in her memory.
Could it be
that the heavy snow falling from the sky built by a certain great magician has no time for Marina to think so much? She asked her servants to drive towards the castle, hoping that the owner of the castle could kindly let her borrow it. Stay for one night.
The carriage entered this slightly gloomy castle garden, Marina stepped out of the carriage and motioned to her servant to take the carriage to the stables in the castle.
And she tidied up her outfit 南京桑拿论坛 and stepped onto the steps to the gate of the castle.
Before Marina knocked on the door, the gate of the castle slowly opened.
“Thank you” Marina walked into the door, thinking that some attendant in the castle had spotted her, but when she looked behind the castle door, she found 南京夜生活论坛 that there was no one at all.
This surprised Marina, but she was a business woman who had met the world, magicians usually have all kinds of strange abilities, so she closed the gate of the castle out of politeness.
“Is anyone there?”
Marina asked loudly, her voice echoed in the empty castle, and the atmosphere and light in the entire castle seemed a little dim.
“Is anyone sorry to bother you? I’m a traveler, I just want to come in to avoid the blizzard.”
Marina called again, but no one answered her.
But in the darkness there are countless pairs of pupils staring at this uninvited human, including two g