ere are much better than those written in the recruitment letter.”

2021年5月12日 By njyeshenghuo

Sansa glanced at the recruitment letter posted on it again and said to Helland.
But when she looked at Helland again, she found Helland was staring at a recruitment letter.
“Does the Nolan National Depository still need to send a recruitment letter to the mercenary union to recruit new people?”
Sansa noticed that the publisher of this recruitment letter was the Nolan National Depository.
It stands to reason that this kind of national organization is basically an organization that the 南京炮网civilians of the Higher Magic Academy want to enter after they have squeezed their heads after graduation.
There is a vacancy in any position in the Nolan National Depository, and there are a lot of candidates waiting there.
“It’s not a mischief. That emblem is indeed the Nolan National Depository.”
Sansa continued to look at the recruitment requirements below. In addition to some very conventional requirements, the most important entry requirement caught Sansa’s attention. Must know how to write Mowang programs and construct websites.
To put it simply
, she knows how to program. Sansa has a psychological shadow on the word programming. She has followed Helland to listen to several programming lessons, but Sansa can’t understand what the instructor is saying at all, which leads to She spent every class in her sleep.
Herland 南京龙凤网 was different, Sansa remembered that Herland seemed to list programming as an elective.
“There is no room for growth in the remuneration of two hundred gold coins a month”
When Sansa saw the remuneration column below, she was completely unable to maintain her calmness.南京水磨会所
“Herland, do you think I have enough time to learn that programming now?”
Sansa looked at the friend beside her. Judging from Herland’s expression, she had decided to take up the job.
“First of all, you have to learn from the order inscriptions, Sansa, you major in the holy light inscriptions, right?” Helland said.
Sansa covered he