trong and immediately began to give orders: “I hope everyone understands. , We are just visiting the haunted house, there is no danger! Don’t mess around!”

2021年6月11日 By njyeshenghuo

Although Ma Feng is a bit unaccustomed to listening to other people’s orders, in this case he still honestly followed the instructions of Sister Snake. Lived on the wrists of people around me.
“Everyone has to get used to the darkness, because other senses will be more active because of the loss of vision. The owner of the haunted house is likely to scare us in other rare ways, such as sound and touch.” Sister Snake also caught the two people around him. Hand: “Who is on my left?”
“I.” Shangguan Qinghong’s hand soaked in cold sweat was sticky. He was a little embarrassed, but Sister Snake didn’t care about it.
“Who is on my right?” 南京龙凤论坛
“It’s me.” Sun Xiaojun responded softly.
The four determined their positions. They stood in a row with Sun Xiaojun standing on the far right and Ma Feng standing on the far left.
“Let’s get closer, just like this, and just walk over. I checked it out when we came. The owner of the haunted house might be worried that we might be caught in the dark. The corridor is still clean. Let’s just walk forward with confidence. That’s it.”
Several tourists obeyed Sister Snake’s words and started to move forward, but problems appeared within a few steps.
“Have you heard a harsh cat cry? This sound seems to have been there since we came in, and it feels that we are getting closer and closer.” Shangguan Qinghong just finished saying this, he suddenly felt his legs After being rubbed by something, the smooth hair made him get goose bumps 南京龙凤网 instantly, and his body directly froze in place: “My leg was touched!”
Four people held hands, one stopped, and the others could only stop.
“Are you sure it’s human? Didn’t 南京水磨会所 you step on something yourself?”
“It seems to be hair! Really!” It was pitch black, Shangguan Qinghong didn’t know what touched him just now, according to the feeling on his leg. , Countless terrifyi