five more tourists entered, two of them were students from Hanjiang Medical College, and three stood behind to ensure that they would not be broadcast live. Photographed.

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The five people signed the exemption agreement and began to draw the task. Unfortunately, they were drawn to the fifth task.
“Come here to gather.” After
everyone was ready, Chen Ge led them into the underground scene.
The yellowed paper rolls fluttered on the ground, and the screams of tourists resounded in their ears.
“Come with me.” Chen Ge led sixteen tourists into the underground and stopped in the middle of the two scenes of Muyang Middle School and the underground corpse.
“That’s the psychic ghost school over there?” Liu Zai quietly wiped the cold sweat on his 南京419论坛 forehead.
“That is the two-star scene Muyang Middle School. The scene you want to visit is here.” Chen Ge pushed open the rusty iron door in front of him with both hands, and a harsh scream sounded inside the door. The feeling of voyeurism arose spontaneously.
Liu Jian’s legs moved back subconsciously, and his body instinctively wanted to escape. If it weren’t for the live broadcast, he turned his head and ran away.
“Quest No. 1 has a time limit of 60 minutes. If you want to quit, just call for help. Now the countdown starts and I wish you all a good time.”
Chen Ge kept smiling from beginning to end, and no one could single out his fault.
The main entrance of the psychic ghost school was heavily closed, the chains were entangled, and the only exit was locked.
Walking out of the underground scene, Chen Ge entered the main 南京品茶网 control room and turned on the two background music of Black Friday and the wedding dress, and the familiar melody sounded in his ears.
Chapter 916 We are a team.
“Have you noticed that the background music seems to have changed?” Bai Buhui looked at the noisy tourists and spoke for the first time. His voice was very unpleasant and seemed to be all about everything. Very indifferent.
“Does this show that the game h