2021年6月4日 By njyeshenghuo

Taking a deep breath, Tian Gu said
solemnly : “Three wind, fire, and thunder, please recover for a while!” In Huaxianchi, the three ancient existences gradually began to recover.
After 南京桑拿会所 a while, the three powerhouses, with a bit rotten aura, flew towards Tiangu.
Tian Gu’s complexion was not very good, and he also input some pictures for several people, and said in a deep voice: “Go to block the heavens.”
One of the ancient beings, a little weak, said: “My emperor, our state is not very good, once we can’t fight for a long time. It’s not that you may fall down because you are not afraid of death, but is this a decisive battle?”
Tian Mie, they know.
Not annoying!
These three powerhouses are all eternal ninth dans, but they have either been seriously injured, or the sea of ??will is about to decay!
The physical body is powerful and useless.
Time is too long, unless the sea of ??will is strong, it will decay sooner or later!
The Sky Annihilation is very strong, and if they can’t fight for a long time, they 南京龙凤网 may all die.
Tian Gu’s face is also solemn, at this moment, he is also a little angry, “God and devil don’t want to send too many powerful men, these idiots have their own calculations.”
In fact, there is another point, the gods and demons want to consume the power of the fairy clan!
The fairy clan hasn’t participated in the war for too many years!
The three tribes of gods and demons have been fighting for many years, and many of them have died invincible. Only the immortal clan has not participated in the war in these years, and many invincibles have survived. Now the immortal clan takes the most shots. come out!
If you don’t come out, everything you paid in the early stage will be finished!
Compared with the human race, all races also want to see how much of the immortal family’s heritage still exists!
But Tiangu, at 南京桑拿论坛 this moment, it is a bit difficult to ride a tiger!
The immortal family paid too much.
Too many died!
If this battle cannot be won, the ancie