s the student killed just now?”

2021年6月2日 By njyeshenghuo

Li Yunfeng 南京夜生活论坛 nodded and sighed: “Remember, that is Su Yu, Nan Yuan Su Yu, the top genius of the Daxia Mansion. The Soul Eater and Shuang Wu Kaiqiao method that are now being promoted in the army are all promoted by this genius. .” As
soon as these words came out, other people knew who the other party was.
A real genius!
“Blessed in the Daxia Mansion!”
A sergeant couldn’t help but laughed: ” There is such a genius, but unfortunately we are older, twenty years younger, and have practiced the Soul Devouring Technique and the Combination Method. The character!”
“His father Su Yu is not Nan Yuan Su Long’s son, right?”
Someone still knows Su Long!
Li Yunfeng nodded and said, “Yes, that guy from the Demon
Squad , Lao Chen, was you at the same time?” He looked at a centurion in the Ten Thousand Stones realm in the team, and the middle-aged 南京419论坛 smiled and said, “That’s right. , I’m one period higher than him, Su Long, this guy is terrible, he gave birth to such a genius son! This news spread to the Squad Demon Army, probably those old brothers are happy to die!” After
that, he smiled: “Su Long, this guy is so lucky! He is not good, but his old brothers are fighting, and his son is also fighting. I have been discharged from the army for 5 years after Su Long. When I left, his brothers had a lot of money. It’s been more than ten years, I’m afraid they will all become ten
thousand captains !” The town demon army, the ten thousand captains usually vacate, and the ten thousand captains grow into the sky above the clouds.
As soon as these words came out, Li Yunfeng exclaimed again, “The Su Long group is incredible. If Su Yu enters the Demon Squad Army in the future, with his strength and talent, after entering, he will soon hope to become an army general. Now!”
“The blessing of Daxia Mansion!” The
soldiers sighed, and some veterans from the Demon Squad Army laughed from ear to ear.
Within the Demon Suppression Army, there is also a struggle