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2021年5月31日 By njyeshenghuo

589. Surrender to me
. It is the end of November. The entire Barrier Alliance has entered the winter. A large amount of materials have been transported into the Barrier to prepare for the winter, and the plants on both sides of the street have also begun to turn yellow and dry.
Strange things have happened to barrier No. 61. In previous years, the creeper would lose its leaves in winter, leaving only bare vines, but this year the creeper is lush and lush. As the weather gets colder and colder, it looks like It didn’t seem to have been affected at all, and it spread to a wider area, embellishing the residential buildings in that area very beautifully.
Many people in Bulwark No. 61 heard about this and went to watch. Someone in the 南京桑拿会所 Wang’s consortium who liked to flatter, reported the document and told Wang Shengzhi that this was a good omen, indicating that Wang Shengzhi managed the Wang’s barrier very well. Everyone has food. Eating, everyone has clothes to wear, so God will come down with such 南京419论坛 auspicious signs.
Wang Shengzhi smiled.
The migrant workers who are building railways and expressways on the Northwest Road are still busy. The colder and colder weather seems to have little effect on them. Everyone has long been used to it. This is far from the coldest time.
But the northern grassland was already frozen and snowy at this time. It was outside the Barrier Alliance and bordered on Barrier No. 176.
Barrier No. 176 is also independent and does not belong to any consortium, but their usual reputation is not as prominent as Fortress 178, probably because they rarely encounter foreign enemies.
The howling wind blew across the grassland, not only was there a huge snow falling from the sky, but even the snow on the ground was blown up layer by layer, and then new snow came to cover it.
The whole world is gloomy, the 南京龙凤论坛 dark clouds in the sky are like a black dragon roaring, and the snow will never end.
On the grassl