the 109 barrier.” The

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classroom suddenly became quiet. Any good student has the ambition to go to college these days, because the term college student now means knowledge, status, and money.
170. Xueba Yang Xiaojin
Ren Xiaosu asked Yang Xiaojin in a low voice: “What is life like in college?”
Yang Xiaojin thought for a while and said: “Classes are relatively free, but exams will be very strict. The enrollment of students is relatively small. Most students After graduation, I will continue my research work with my tutor. It is said that the previous university was very loose, but now 南京夜生活论坛 gradually the university recruits fewer and fewer subjects, and now it is more like a scientific research base. There are about two of the more than one hundred barriers. more than a dozen universities, the person in charge of these universities are now beginning to streamline student, downsizing, and all-out breakthrough towards research in the field a few directions. ” ”
Oh, “any small millet nodded:”? students have subsidized it ” ”
ah “Yang Xiaojin suddenly found out that he was playing the piano to a cow, and he said so much. As a result, the focus of Ren Xiaosu’s concern turned out to be whether there are subsidies for the students? She calmly said: “There is no subsidy.”
“Really?” Ren Xiaosu didn’t believe it.
Yang Xiaojin said softly: “You are not doing scientific research. Don’t harm other college students.”
“Look at what you said!” Ren Xiaosu was unhappy: “Who did I harm!”
At this time, Yang Xiaojin was too lazy to pay attention to him. Jiang Wu on the stage said: “If you want to enter the 109-barrier university, the exam subjects only have four subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Each subject has 南京桑拿论坛 150 points. Last year’s admission score was 560 points, which means that to enter the university, you need 140 points or more in each subject.”
Ren Xiaosu took a breath. He made a simulated paper the day before yesterday. He scored only 140 points in four subjects.
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