huge machine of the consortium. There were once arrogant shadows who wanted to be above the consortium, but what happened in the end is not after bowing their heads. Become a tool of the consortium?

2021年5月27日 By njyeshenghuo

But the Qing’s presidium did not expect that Qing Zhen would be so tough!
Qingzhen smiled and walked toward the tent. At this time, the officers in the command tent shuttled back and forth, either holding the latest military intelligence in their hands or carrying the military orders issued by Qingyun to execute them.
At this moment, when everyone saw Qing 南京水磨会所 Zhen coming in, everyone in the entire tent actually paused, as if even the air in the command post had condensed for a moment after Qing Zhen came in.
Qingzhen greeted everyone: “Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous, what should you do? Luo Lan and I will come to see everyone.”
Qingyun, who was next to the sand table of the command headquarters, looked gloomy when he saw Qingzhen. Looking at Secretary Zhou: “Why do you bring him here?”
Secretary Zhou said calmly: “Your second uncle asked him to assist you.”
“Assist me?” Qingyun sneered: “I don’t need a prisoner to assist me.”
Luo Lan smiled: “Qingyun, do you remember the days when you played with mud behind our ass when you were young? When your Uncle Luo was at war, you didn’t know where to play in the mud.”
Secretary Zhou said angrily: “Enough. The southwest is about to change, and you 南京品茶网 still have the mood to quarrel with children here, Qingyun, the two of them will serve as your military advisors. 南京桑拿会所 First, you will report the current situation and hold a military meeting.”
Qingyun cast a glance at them. Said to the adjutant next to him: “Notify the chief officers of each battle sequence to come to the meeting!” After all,
Qingyun didn’t dare to violate the presidium’s order. Since the presidium asked Qingzhen to be a military adviser, he had to cooperate with him in face, so even if something went wrong. No one will count the mistake on his head.
During the meeting, Qing Zhen had