tears, and sighed long.

2021年5月26日 By njyeshenghuo

He lowered his head again and looked at Master Zhuang carefully and preached: “Master Zhuang, I am convinced!”
Then, 南京龙凤论坛 Ni Yongxiao picked up the letter of appointment of the Financial Secretary in his hand, and for a few moments, he vigorously tore the letter of appointment to pieces.
This piece of debris was thrown into the soup pot on the dining table casually by him, and Ni’s dream of going ashore was also shattered, like a dream, a bubble.
“Heh.” Zhuang Shikai sneered, ignoring the mood of the little character, and instead stared at Zhong Jiahui. Zhong Jiahui was lying on the ground, his face pale, unable to speak a word of excuse, but Zhuang Shikai retracted the toe of his leather shoes and stepped on the ground. Shaking off his suit, stomping his feet, and sneered: “Director Zhong, you and the brother who colluded with the Ni family and supported the Shen brothers…were defeated!”
“Don’t even think about choosing a chief executive.”
“This 南京水磨会所 time,” I’m on the order of the north!”
“Especially to investigate you thoroughly!”
After Zhuang Shikai spoke coldly, Zhong Jiahui finally gave up struggling, closed his eyes and stopped answering.
“Is this old bone still pretending to be a dead fish?” Zhuang Shikai was full of disdain, looking at him, 南京品茶网 waving his hand casually:
“Drag away!” “Drag away one by one!” Zhuang Shikai pointed his finger to the guests, voice Not big, but full of momentum!
“Yes! Sir!” Chen Jiaju answered in a solemn voice, and the police officers on the scene rushed forward, handcuffing the gangsters one by one, escorting Ni Yongxiao away, and dragging Zhong Jiahui, Li Xianfeng and others away…
Ni Yongxiao finally left. Before going, turned around and took a deep look at Lei Yaoyang.
He did not look at Zhuang Sir, but at Yao Yang, but Yao Yang did not evade, looking straight at him.
A firework rose!
Seeing him rising from a tall building, seeing him banqueting guests, seeing his building collapse.
When the poli