a little rusty in social experience, the talent for creation is unexpectedly good.

2021年5月21日 By njyeshenghuo

“Just choose the dispute, the mode is the battlefield mode, the rule is that there is no limit to the number of people on the battlefield.”
Qiao Xiu had great ambitions when making the dispute, such as some well-known shooting games on the earth, Qiao Xiu all wanted to squeeze into it. Inside the discord game mode.
It’s a pity that the cake painting is too big, and this project can’t be completed by the 南京419论坛 Sublimator and Loydell, and Qiao Xiu is busy purifying the fog recently.
As a result, there are only two modes in the current dispute. The first is the counter-strike squad of 16 combat blasting and hostage mode, and the second is the mode where a hundred people in the battlefield occupy a large map.
“How long will it take to complete?” When
Qiao Xiu made this request, the white bird draped its wings under his beak like a human, as if thinking.
“This is the first time I have constructed this kind of intensity. The Son of the Forest gave us three days.”
Shiratori’s words mentioned’us’, and it seems that it counts the white cat and the black cat.
“As soon as possible…The army stationed in Heibei City may not last so long, and I can’t wait so long.”
Qiao Xiu can’t wait here…Of course it is to use guns in the real world, or as a game character.
It is important to know that the soldiers in the battlefield mode of Disputation are not inferior to those monsters in the gray mist, even if they are severely injured. They will run a few steps away from the battlefield 南京夜生活论坛 or squat on the treatment box thrown by the medical kit Restore as before.
With the ability to breathe back blood**, can a soldier in reality be able to do it? Obviously not!
There are also a lot of weapons on the body, switching to a pistol, and walking fast on the battlefield.
“Wait… I’m wondering whether to include the kill streak support system in Call of Duty.” Qiao Xiu said.
“Settings that are too unreasonable will increase t