2021年5月20日 By njyeshenghuo

Watching the screen go out, there is no sound in the war room.
Even the shameful character Victor, who is the boldest and least afraid of death, who claims that’the Great Wall has a wandering, the Watcher has Victor’, dare not speak.
Everyone looked at Captain Zach who was silent.
Zach turned around calmly, looked around for a 南京桑拿会所 week with calm eyes, and whispered: “In normal times, except for work contacts, I have not had any private communication with
Mirand .” Victor silently turned on the phone and played. A recording: “Miland, your smile is a memory I can’t forget.”
Zach resisted the impulse, decided not to explain, and said seriously: “Miland, they are awake, send someone to see what’s going on, they just I don’t know what happened when I came back from the trial. I might need treatment.”
“Victor, Kodori, Turius, Ulfric, you go to the monitoring room to pick them up!”
“Yes!” The
four of them got the order. He left the war room. Just before the door of the war room closed, the watchmen heard Victor’s voice very clearly: “I knew that the pervert must have violated on the opportunity of his duty!”
Wait until the door is completely closed. , Zach looked 南京水磨会所 back at the watchmen, first all the female watchmen couldn’t help but step back, and then the other male watchmen also took a step back.
Zach looked at the surveillance screen very calmly, thinking about a good catastrophe?
Why hasn’t it happened yet?
So embarrassing now.
At this moment, someone urgently 南京炮网 contacted the war room: “Captain, I just received the news that something major has happened to the entire Federation!”
Zack’s spirits startled: “What’s the matter! The watchman can set off at any time!” The
contacter gasped: “All the sleeping Federation members, all, all”
“How is everything!? Say it!” Zach’s heart tightened. , I thought that the worst situation in the prediction happened?
“They are all awake!” There
was silence for a few seconds in the war room, and then Zach continued to ask, “What then?”