Was it a mysterious person who ambushed them just now?

2021年5月18日 By njyeshenghuo

Roy shook his head slightly and expelled this thought-Xuan Guo’s 南京桑拿会所 xenophobia is more serious than that of the Federation. In “Across My Corpse”, the Ren family monk once said,’It’s not my race, its heart must be different’ ( At least Roy knew this sentence in this TV series).
The goal is non-human, even if Xuan Guo’s transcendental department is willing to shelter her, it is impossible to use her as a bait here to catch the burialists – this is a comic exhibition with thousands of people.
Where is the certainty that the transcendents of the Profound Kingdom can suppress their burial under the premise of ensuring the safety of all civilians?
Roy is proficient in the culture of Xuanguo, and naturally knows that Xuanguo people pursue “stability” more than “achievements”. Under this concept, even if the people of Xuan Guo wanted to catch their burialists, they would inevitably choose a place with rare 南京夜生活论坛 human traces to act, rather than in an exhibition.
So, should it be that the target has acquired new capabilities?
Roy lowered his head and looked at Zhibao searched the watch, and found that the red dot on the watch surface seemed a little smaller.
This red dot represents the 南京桑拿论坛 aura ripples emitted by the treasure. The weakening of the red dot means that the ripples from the Supreme Treasure are getting weaker and weaker.
The burial person will certainly not destroy the treasure, so there is only one reason for the aura of the treasure to weaken-the target is about to fully merge with the treasure!
When the target is completely integrated with the treasure, the aura frequency of the treasure naturally merges with the aura frequency of the target, and the treasure search instrument will completely fail.
What’s more, Roy knows that this treasure itself has the’concealment’ feature. Even if the treasure search instrument is still effective, the target may be able to avoid their pursuit by relying on the power of the treasure!
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