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“Understand, 南京龙凤论坛 understand,” Everyone understands.”
“Men like to be fresh.” The
guys burst into laughter.
The pier is full of laughter.
Zhuang Shikai kicked Cai Yuanqi’s ass: “Get out! Get out!”
“I’m going to have a supper with Mr. Huo and Mr. Bao.”
“Who wants to have supper with you?” The
guys laughed away.
Zhuang Shikai raised his hand and glanced at his watch. It was 9:30 in the evening, and it was indeed almost time to make an appointment with Mr. Huo and the others.
303 The gathering of patriotic businessmen
“Huo Sheng.”
“Shao Sheng.”
Victoria Peak.
Inside a villa decorated with antique carvings.
The villas have angled cornices, white walls and black tiles, with the beauty of Huizhou architecture as the main body, matched with the matching landscape of Soviet-style gardens.
Condescending, small bridges and flowing water, elegant 南京水磨会所 atmosphere, no lack of exquisiteness.
A pavilion, beside a fish pond, can stand on the top of Hong Kong and enjoy the night view of Victoria Harbour.
Full of Chinese style.
This is the former Leifu Villa, but after several years of design and renovation, it has become a Chinese-style Zhuang Family Courtyard.
Once invited many domestic masters to design, it is now the most elegant mansion in Hong Kong.
In the beginning, Zhuang Shikai planned to renovate the Leifu villa, using it as a holiday home and using it for gatherings of senior police officers.
However, since he got on the motherland line and became a patriotic businessman, thinking about it carefully, the golf club in the New Territories is enough for the police force to use, so he used this other courtyard as a meeting place for patriotic businessmen.
Everyone is a patriotic 南京夜生活论坛 businessman, who has money and character, and deserves to enjoy something good.
“Zhuang Sheng.”
“This villa was built by you to look more like a garden.”
“I feel like walking into the Humble Administrator’s Garden.”
Mr. Huo, Mr. Shao and others wore straight suits with pocket squares on