2021年5月15日 By njyeshenghuo

Elder Kaipas visited his residence at this time.
“If you came for a quarrel today, my answer is that there is no time.” 南京桑拿论坛
After reading the diary of the Heretic Inquisition, Quitoan, hatred and anger had enveloped him all night, so he faced this conservative. Elder, he doesn’t even have the mood to talk to the other party.
“I’m here to ask you to do something for me.”
Elder Kaipas leaned on a cane and slowly found a chair and sat down.
He and Quiitoan’s age were not much different, but his body was too old to pick up bows and arrows. When Arthur Kro was destroyed, he sacrificed too much in order to survive.
“What do you want me to expel the Chaos Demon?”
Elder Quiitoan put down his bow and arrow. As old antiques of the old Arthur Crowe era, they were originally close friends in the ethnic group. There are different opinions on political positions.
“The sacred tree has recognized the blasphemer, and it is not your opinion and my opinion that can drive him out.”
Elder Kaipas clasped the cane in both hands, and seemed to have accepted Arthur Crow’s current fate.
“Then what do you want me to do” Elder Quiitoan asked.
Elder Kaipas pressed his mouth tightly, his body was aging to the point of losing teeth, and now only the powerful magic power in 南京水磨会所 his body supports his physical activities.
“Do you know how to type?”
Elder Kaipas was no longer as aggressive as he was on the Council of Elders at this time, but more like a lonely old man abandoned by his descendants.
“Typing, you are referring to the words entered on
Monet using those virtual keyboards. I have practiced it for a while.” Elder Quiitoan was witnessing that his granddaughter had gained a large number of believers through Monet, and he began to study it himself. Magic net.
The first step of the research is to master the most basic item of magic net manipulation, which is to use the virtual keyboard to input human characters in the magic net.
“I have some unfinished records, and some unfinished stori