ble completely. Finally, after looking for an hour, in a place similar to a crater col, Jiang Hao first saw a bamboo forest. , Under a cliff, he found a cave.

2021年5月13日 By njyeshenghuo

The entrance of the cave was dark, and he could smell the smelly smell of a beast. He had smelled this kind of smell on the demon wolf he had killed. He walked in with a whale rib. The cave was not too deep, only a dozen meters. , In the innermost part of the cave, Jiang Hao saw three little guys, 南京品茶网 watching him warily.
I have to say that the demon wolf cubs are really pretty, similar to the Alaskan cubs, plush and chubby, Jiang Hao really can’t kill them.
Grab the three little guys and let the system absorb them all. The Hurrying Wind Demon Wolf has now become 4.
There should be another female wolf. I don’t know where it went. Just when Jiang Hao walked out of the cave, he found a blue figure in the distance coming out of the bamboo forest. It was a blasting demon wolf, slightly worse than the one yesterday. Smaller, it should be a female wolf. At this moment, the magic wolf is holding a blue water rabbit in his mouth. Seeing Jiang Hao coming out of the cave, the magic wolf throws the rabbit and rushes over, without any hesitation, and rushes towards Jiang Hao. .
The whale bone in Jiang Hao’s hand was smashed out fiercely, and it was cut out with a knife at an extremely fast speed. It directly hit the devil wolf’s nose. The devil screamed in pain, and his body threw himself to the 南京炮网 ground. Jiang Hao Stepped forward and held it down, and forcibly collected the she-wolf.
“Ding Shifeng Demon Wolf 5.” A
family of 5, two large and three small, is now in order.
After accepting the demon wolf family, Jiang Hao had fulfilled a small wish. He turned and walked towards the seaside, searching while walking, but this time he found no beasts.
When I came to the beach, there was a cliff on this side. Many birds flew over the cliff from time to time, making quacking sounds. Jiang Hao felt weak magic power on some of the birds.