onks and 17 elite monks. If Ren Suo does not strengthen Fan Fan, I am afraid she will be lost to everyone.

2021年5月12日 By njyeshenghuo

This is not okay, Ren Suo wants to use Zhao Huo’s deeds to stimulate the 南京桑拿论坛 public: Zhao Huo not only has three wives, but also three wives who compete against each other!
After worrying about the happy life of Zhao Huo and Miss Fan, Ren Suo returned his attention to the game.
Maybe it can still form a butterfly effect, forcing Xiao Meng and Sun Shu to upgrade to Rank 8.
Fan Fan in the Hedao interface is floating in the air, the tips of his ink hair are flying like tongues of flame, and the sparks are hidden in his eyes, the flames turn into her scepter, and the fire phoenix turns into her throne!
“Before meeting you, I selected the best looking clothes three hours in advance, put on the most elegant and beautiful makeup, and picked the most suitable bag. But when I saw you in the airport hall, I didn’t expect anything in my heart. So excited, but the body temperature has risen by 0.2°C.”
“Characteristics: Immortal 南京龙凤论坛 fire: The unquenchable flames cause area explosion damage, damage multiple enemy units, and ignite the enemy to cause continuous damage.”
“Second characteristic: Blaze Soul: The fire of the remnants will cause 南京桑拿会所 heat energy in the body due to mood reasons. Excessive body temperature will not affect her, but will make it easier for her to master the flames. Every time’Fire Phoenix Liaoyuan’ is cast, Fan Fan’s attack speed will be reduced. Obtain a layer of “Flame Soul”, each layer of Blaze Soul increases the attack speed by 8%, and stack up to 4 layers.”
Very strong!
Although it does not benefit the entire army like Youjian and Zac, in terms of destructive power, Fan Fan’s first and second characteristics have reached the extreme!
Increased group damage, ignition, and attack speed!
It is a rare trump card output hand!
Ren Suo looked at the introduction of “Blazing Soul”, “The heat burst into the body due to mood reasons”, and wondered if Miss Fan became happ