The disparity between the two countries has now been eliminated little by little. At least in this facility, he wants to treat the other side as being. The “comrades in arms” who are fighting together against fate see that “caution and vigilance are the proper attitudes, and they are always the attitude.”

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Maybe she is already outstanding enough in her own field, but in Carmel’s view, this one comes from Feng’s magic master 南京龙凤论坛 was obviously not cautious enough about the realm of the gods.
Windsor Mapel couldn’t help but look at the “ancient scholar” who had come out of ancient history, and looked at the opponent’s “eyes” with arcane brilliance, in the face that can no longer be called a human. , She couldn’t distinguish the expression of this arcane master, but from the other’s tone, she could hear the sincerity of this suggestion, and the heavy weight behind the sincerity.
How many pioneers’ lives did that weight come in exchange for?
Windsor living in this age has no way to imagine. All she can do is lower her head and humbly accept the advice of this ancient scholar: “I will always keep in mind, Master Carmel.”
“You are also a master, and you have many companies in control. I am surprised by the knowledge,” Carmel laughed, but his smile was hard to 南京龙凤网 detect by others, 南京炮网 “I hope we can continue to work together happily in the next project process.”
Windsor showed a faint smile and said to Kamai. Er stretched out his hand: “I am looking forward to the same.”
Behind them, pure and powerful arcane energy surged in the huge portal device. This primitive and pure energy is gradually constructing a door to the kingdom of God. Bright and pure brilliance escaped from the looming light and shadow, an unknown realm opened a gap to mortals, and the brilliance of the kingdom of God spilled into the hall.
Once upon a time, this brilliance also symbolized the supreme will, the common awe of thousands of believers, and the “grace” that countless priests could only earn by offering sacrifices to