d countless different voices started. When it sounded, they all called my boss.” Chen Ge took a deep breath: “I have no impression of many of them, but just now I have remembered With their voices, if I hear them next time, I will definitely recognize them! “”Only this? “There is another gain. During the rounds upstairs, I was taken aback by a patient. That kind of horror made my memory become active. It seemed that there was a connection between me and the emotion of fear. “Chen Ge clutched his head. “Do you like to be frightened?” What is this strange hobby? Zuo Han stepped back a few steps. “I don’t like the feeling of panic, but when I’m in this kind of emotion, the memory fragments in my mind seem to come to life. They are actively connected together for I show the forgotten past” Chen Ge recalled the feeling, and then said with certainty: “I need more excitement. “

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Chapter 1165
Lying on the bed of the mental illness treatment center, Chen Ge was perfectly integrated into this environment, whether it was his expression or what he said. “A person who was fine during the day, how could he be so sick at night?” Zuo Han sat back on his bed and was a long distance away from Chen Ge: “I am studying forensic medicine. I have been studying for so many years. I have never heard that frequent stimulation can activate 南京水磨会所 memory.” “You learn forensic medicine by dealing with corpses. The situation of living people may be more complicated.” “Do you know how low your body temperature was when you fell ill? You were the only one with dead people at that time. The difference is that you still have a heartbeat.” At first, Zuo 南京龙凤网 Han wanted to cooperate with Chen Ge and everyone escaped together, but now he gradually finds that his roommate is very dangerous. Get rid of it. In Zuo Han’s view, Chen Ge is not just as simple as being sick, he also seems to have other secrets hidden in him. “Could it be that this hospital has been conducting human experiments?” Zuo Han tried to use his own knowledge to find the answer, b