ponsible for intelligence transmission, transaction, rescue, assassination, protection, it is impossible to do without strong strength!”

2021年6月4日 By njyeshenghuo

“Same as in the battlefields of the heavens, here, what do we do, in the human environment, what else do we do!”
“The elders and Baimian who are in the same house are all of the same level. They don’t need to report to each other, and they will pass directly to the law enforcement. The information is collected by the law enforcement.”
Bai Yi said,南京炮网 looking at the 24 white faces in the seat, “You know what these chairs represent, but if you don’t have the strength to sit on it, you are looking for death! The human state is not a small world, but a super big world. There are dozens of invincible, thousands of suns and moons in the realm! Lost to the sun and the moon, it is best to leave!”
He looked around, these white faces, there are sun and moon realms, less than the seven layers of the sun and the moon, they are considered white faces.
Of course, there are also those who have not reached the sun and the moon.
Because of the white flour, it is not too thorough, but the strength of the breath can still be judged.
Bai Yi scanned Su Yu and other people, and quickly looked at Su Yu and at several other Baimian.
Without further ado, Tanshou arrested several people.
Not 南京水磨会所 only Su Yu, but a total of 8 white faces, all faced his palms.
They didn’t reach the Sun and Moon Realm!
In other words, there are actually 16 people in the sun and the moon, plus 12 elders, and 28 sun and moon. Among the law enforcement officers, there are probably some sun and moon realms. This time, the four branches of Hunting Tian Pavilion are also in a big fight, and the strong from all ministries gather.
Those who are dispatched are all elite forces!
In the face of this palm, someone disappeared instantly, someone broke out in divine writing, someone snarled out,
and Su Yu, calmly, punched out!
There was a loud bang!
That he sun and the moon, now has shield around a wh