serious?” Ren Xiaosu curiously asked, “What is the use of meditation?”

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“Only wizards who meditate every day can become stronger and stronger,” Li Guoguo explained: “Explain to you this way. A wizard who does not meditate may be released. One or two witchcraft is the limit, but a wizard who has meditated for ten years can use more than ten or even twenty witchcraft a day.”
Ren Xiaosu secretly thought, this is a way to slowly increase his mental power.
At this time, Mega suddenly opened his eyes and explained: “Meditation is a way for wizards to strengthen themselves.”
“How do you meditate?” Ren Xiaosu curiously asked .
“You still can’t 南京桑拿会所 learn this,” Mega said, “If you don’t have the Eye of True Vision in your hand, you won’t be able to enter the state of meditation at all.”
Ren Xiaosu was taken aback. Does this meditation actually need external force?
He said: “Then you tell me the method first. If you have the Eye of True Vision in your hand, how do you meditate?”
Mei Ge looked at Ren Xiaosu’s persistent eyes, and said helplessly: “Hold the Eye of True Vision, Then sit quietly with your eyes closed, and after a hundred breaths, you will naturally enter your own meditation world.”
“What is the meditation world like?” Ren Xiaosu was curious.
“Some people are a watering hole, some are a stream, some are a windmill, and some are a piece of farmland. This is different from person to person,” Megault said. “Of course, there is also something in common, that is, the 南京炮网 stronger the wizard. , His meditation world became more and more magnificent. There was once a great wizard named Oss. He himself said that there was only a leaf in his meditation world, but the size of the leaf floating in the air but like a mountain peak makes it hard to look up.”
Ren Xiaosu suddenly said, “I’m going to sleep.” As he
said, he went back into the tent.
Li Chenggong and Liu Ting looked at each other: “This 80% is going to meditate. Didn’t Master Mago tell him that he must have a true eye? How come this k