100 students arrived, and Su Yu, too.

2021年5月31日 By njyeshenghuo

He did not go to the stage, nor did he say a word.
He stood silently behind Wu Jia.
No one said anything.
Many people are thinking, who dares to challenge Wu Jia?
At this time, I challenged Wu Jia to snipe Wu Jia. The conflict between singles and multiples was intensified. It seemed that it started from the top 100 list until Su Yu killed Zhai Feng, which intensified the contradiction to the peak.
A little bit of time passed, some people came to the stage to compete, but no one 南京龙凤网 challenged Wu Jia.
There is Su Yu, unless it’s fatal.
Otherwise, if you challenge Wu Jia on the front foot, Su Yu may target it on the back foot.
This time, there were almost no one from the single gods.
Coming, it will only be even more embarrassing.
Until late at night, no one challenged. 南京桑拿论坛
Wu Jia kept the top 100 ranking.
It’s so easy!
No one dares to challenge!
late at night.
One last thing for Polytheism, Su Yu sent Wu Jia home and went to a restaurant by himself.
A restaurant in the university.
In a private room, all the students who took the task this time have arrived.
12 people!
With Su Yu, 13 of them are all students.
Among them, there are 8 students from the ten thousand ethnic group.
a lot of!
On the one hand, there are many people on Xia Qing’s side. On the other hand, there are some ten thousand students who want to go out. Seeing that Xia Qing has taken the task, some people have come to take it.
There are 8 students from Ten Thousand Races and 4 from Human Races.
When Su Yu arrived, the two sides were very clear.
Human race students ignore those ten thousand race students.
The four 南京夜生活论坛 human students are not weak in strength.
Zhou Hao is one of them!
For the other 3 people, Su Yu also knows two people, one is Li Minyu, the fourth student in the top 100, of course, now second.
Today’s number one is Jiang Mu.
The battle between Su Yu and Zhai Feng was a private life-and-death battle. He didn’t make the top 100 list, so th