this moment, Su Yu landed, still winning snow in white.

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He smiled, looked around, and said freely: “It’s a pleasure to kill, but it’s too weak, a genius of single gods? Haha!”
This haha, mocked countless people!
Su Yu on this day is really overbearing.
No. 1 in the top 100, advance to the sky, take the Qiqiao Pill, it’s
useless! 南京龙凤论坛
One person with one sword, suppressed him from start to finish, just nourishment, just a thousand stones, and cut him to death!
There is no earth-shattering battle, just torture!
At this moment, the Quartet was quiet and scary, and there was a gasp, and the next moment, there was a roar, “Su Yu!”
Zhou Pingsheng’s eyes were red, and he looked at Su Yu. At this moment, there was only anger, boundless anger!
You are dead!
You must die!
Do you know that the stronger you are at this moment, the more you will die!
You are too strong!
Strong and terrible!
Even if the former Liu Wenyan, Wanshi Sizhong, killed and emptied, it was not so easy!
Su Yu smiled, eyes full of contempt!
You can only be angry!
Not only will I kill Zhai Feng, but I will also kill you as my advancement level!
Looking around, the students evaded his eyes. In recent years, Su Yu has been the first to kill a fellow student in the school’s life and death challenge, and he is also the first to kill the top 100!
The top 100 list has become a joke!
What a joke!
A joke about being cut to the air and being beheaded! 南京419论坛
Chapter 241 Break Your Spine! (For subscription of monthly pass)
Su Yu smiled on the ring, unscrupulously!
Just under everyone’s eyes, Su Yu easily blasted Zhai Feng.
At this moment, Su Yu ignored Zhou Pingsheng’s anger, and laughed loudly: “Waste is waste after all. Today, I have put down this life and death challenge. The single-shenwen series can be on stage in the early stage!”
Su Yu shouted: “ Just ask, do you dare! ”
Dare you?
I just nurture sex!
Just like Bai Feng of the day!
He just vacated, but he can kill Lingyun!
Today, Su Yu is th