2021年5月27日 By njyeshenghuo

“This evaluation can only be reserved for one day and cannot be uploaded after one day.”
“The evaluation can only be uploaded once.”
Ren Suo also has some comments on this rating. Expected.
In “Late Night”, it is obvious that there are two routes of “feeding customers delicious” and “feeding customers to eat shit”. Ren Suo thinks that the latter should get a low score (because feeding shit is relatively simple), but now It seems that this route is not inferior to the former.
It may be that feeding shit triggers the battle, which will lead to excessive consumption of props and increase the difficulty of the final boss battle. Or feeding shit to a certain level is a high-end game skill.
Moreover, it basically takes about ten days to play once, and Ren Suo has also been a little tired from playing these days.
Although he didn’t have much expectations for the “collector” 南京炮网 function, well, in fact, there is still a little bit, but he is looking forward to the day when he leaves the ghost file and comes to Lianjiang, so he didn’t hesitate to upload the game evaluation directly.
“The task evaluation upload is complete, you get 244 points of merit, please use it properly.”
“You get a four-star treasure chest*1, you can open it in the content library.”
“You get an exclusive reward: Desire detection, you can use it in the content library Turn it on.”
“According to your task evaluation and game star rating, you get the
item ” Clear Spring Flowing Sound”.” “The “Late Night Ghost” has been uploaded, thank you for playing, the small world is endless!”
Ren Suowei was taken aback. .
In addition to treasure chests and exclusive rewards, how come there is a “wish spring and sound” in the game clearance?
南京夜生活论坛He immediately opened the “Equipment Interface” and found this item-it was a ring, and it looked like a dreamlike thing surrounded by water, like a snake bite:
“Qingquan Liuxiang”
“Rank: Four-Star Item” , Prerequisite: Have at least one idle game character.”
“Effect: After activ