ow long this country can delay.

2021年5月24日 By njyeshenghuo

Jiang Hao 南京桑拿会所 watched the news and learned the latest situation. It is really lively now. It has been confronted for three days and the government is helpless. This matter has attracted the attention of the world, and now people all over the world are watching American jokes.
Jiang Hao said that he likes watching the show the most.
In fact, he has contributed to the fact that things have reached such an uncontrollable level today.
Turning off the phone, Jiang Hao entered the training state again.
The energy in the cosmic energy stone is absorbed into the body, and turns into spiritual energy after two cycles in the body. After being injected into the dantian, it turns into spiritual fluid, and finally injected into the golden core. At this moment, the golden core in Jianghao’s dantian is more than a few months ago. Two laps larger, from 南京炮网 the original longan size, it has now exploded to the size of a table tennis ball.
From obtaining the Cosmic Energy Stone to the present, Jiang Hao has toured and performed in major cities while practicing. It took more than two months to walk down more than a dozen cities. During this time, his golden core cultivation 南京水磨会所 base has soared, and he is about to break through. realm.
Jiang Hao suddenly felt the edge of a breakthrough, and immediately chanted the golden core formula, while stepping up to absorb spiritual energy.
“Jin Ding Xuan Zhu night half-worked, one after another, full of colorful colors in the room. Only for the sun and the moon, but was attacked by turtles and snakes. At first glance, Rong Yi was in a trance, and after a long time, his appearance would be hazy. Diligent for Baoyang’s humanity, here is not a vacuum. Kong.”
With the ingestion of a large amount of spiritual energy, it turned into spiritual liquid and injected the golden core, Jiang Hao suddenly heard a roar, like an ancient sky thunder, suddenly felt the golden core contracted violently, the brilliance exploded, illuminating Zifuhua cour