open the interface of her magic net, wanting to show Qiao Xiu his deck, but Qiao Xiu smiled and shook his head.

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“The test version on the Monet cannot 南京桑拿论坛 be attributed to the range of cards you own.”
Qiao Xiu interrupted the girl’s action to start the game of Hearthstone.
“Beta” Dorothy didn’t quite understand the meaning of Qiao Xiu’s words.
“These cards don’t exist in reality, you should understand Miss Dorothy,” Qiao Xiu said.
Dorothy nodded. Of course, she understood that what was constructed in the magic net was a completely virtual world, whether it was the black dragon Nefarian in Hearthstone or the dwarf wearing a red hat in Super Mario. , The product drawn by others.
Then somehow let them give life to the fictional world.
“The cards on the Monet are just for you to experience.” Qiao Xiu took out a palm-sized black protospare, which is also a card box for storing Hearthstone legends. “The cards inside are truly yours. Yes, um, it seems that you are the first contestant 南京品茶网 from the country of steel. This protolite is considered a gift.”
Dorothy took the protolite that Qiao Xiu put on the table and activated it with magic power. In this protolite, a transparent interface was revealed 南京夜生活论坛 from the protolite.
This is the interface of my collection in Hearthstone.
“Lots of cards are missing.”
Dorothy flipped the cards in the collection, the cards in it were seriously missing, and there was only a part of the novice deck.
“The missing cards should be collected by you.” Qiao Xiu said.
“Collecting sounds a bit like a story about a dungeon adventure.” Dorothy is a shrewd businessman. She quickly understood what Qiao Xiu meant by collecting “how much does a card cost”
. Well, if you are just starting to build your own card collection, I suggest you start buying from card packs.”
Qiao Xiu pointed to a magic machine behind him, which is a magic machine specially used to buy card packs. .
Many years of business experience put Dorothy on alert at this moment.
But if she wants to win