2021年5月18日 By njyeshenghuo

Jiang Hao’s words rumblingly spread out through the loudspeaker. It spread so far that even the farthest soldier could vaguely hear the voice.
As soon as the voice fell, a soldier raised his arm and shouted, “Xiwang mighty, destroy Youxian, Xiwang mighty, and destroy Youxian!”
This shout immediately drove the others to shout together. Then the whole team shouted loudly.
Don’t doubt, Jiang Hao had arranged for the support before.
Soldiers need to be motivated and let them shout together. This effect is very good, and it is more useful than 南京龙凤论坛 silent obedient. What you say at this time is like taking an oath, and you will remember to work hard to complete it in your heart.
“Master today, I will lead you into the grassland and take revenge!” Jiang Hao said.
“Vengeance, revenge, revenge!” the soldiers shouted.
“This time we entered the grassland, we only have food and grass for one month. The rest of the supplies need to be collected on the spot. I have a military order. After entering the grassland, there will be birds in the sky shot down with an arrow, and sheep on the ground will be shot down with one arrow. The Huns’ cattle and sheep are all I and other food supplies. ” ”
the war but revenge, we reported that Western oppressed for hundreds of years of humiliation, rape ban only silver can not help looting, loot all five into his own possession. ”
under the so-called 南京炮网 generous rewards will There is a brave man, why the Qin Dynasty has a strong fighting power? It is not because the rewards for fighting are much higher than other countries. These soldiers can make money by killing people and make a lot of money. Naturally, some people are willing to work hard for the money.
As soon 南京龙凤网 as Jiang Hao said this, everyone’s eyes lit up. This was a good time to make a fortune, and they immediately shouted loudly, “The King of Xi is mighty, Long live the King of Xi!”
Long live the rich.
With an order, the army began to pull out. These soldiers were all one person, two riders or eve