ent Gondor technology. “But this kind of space door lying on the ground, or even inlaid underground, I really am The first time

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I saw it.” “I’ve never seen it.” Amber looked down, “but I think there should be gold in the pile of metal underneath.”
Soldering glanced at Amber silently, then turned to look.
She looked around: “Speaking of which, where’s Miss Tyre?” “She said just now that this place is comfortable, and she went to sleep in search of a place,” Amber waved her hand. “It’s probably soaking in a pool of water now. Don’t worry. Anyway, if you have enough soak, she will float up
by herself .” Then she frowned slightly and looked down at the broken metal device below: “Range, you stay here, I’m going to the shadow world to see.”
Thorderlin was immediately serious. Get up: “What did you 南京419论坛 find?”
“I’m not sure now, I have to wait until I come back.”
Amber put down such a sentence, the whole figure has turned into a hazy black smoke in the air, and followed the wind. drift.
Soldering 南京夜生活论坛 watched in a daze when Amber entered the shadow world so cleanly, he didn’t react for a while: “Didn’t you say that this half-elf is usually very scary?”
Amber, who has entered the shadow world, can’t hear it. What was Solderlin talking about, she just let her perception fall quickly in the state of crossing the two realms, and after a very short moment, she was already standing on the ground in the shadow realm with her feet on the ground.
A long black hair was dancing in the air without wind, and his lower body was shrouded in a hazy shadow cloud. Amber, transformed into a shadow goblin, opened his eyes, curiously observing the scene in front of him.
The cave became black and white, and the invisible light made everything in the cave clearly visible. In front of her eyes, what was supposed to be a circular pit, was suddenly surging 南京品茶网 with a black cloud that was constantly rotating.
As she perceives at the level of the “world”, a door really opened here, but the door is located in the shadow real