her head, “Think of this as a real resting place, walk around, look at the scenery, or Meet a few people and talk about common topics. This dream city is the uppermost space of the neural network, a free distribution center, where people can experience another kind of life, or participate in some urban facilities During the construction of this space, or to go to certain entertainment areas to experience some things that are usually difficult for them to experience, so can you.

2021年5月16日 By njyeshenghuo

“Don’t worry that what you do here will accidentally destroy this delicate world—— It is far stronger than you think, and there is a powerful “administrator” monitoring the operation of this space. Of course, I sincerely hope that you don’t really attract the attention of the administrator, who is more difficult than you think. ”
Amorn 南京炮网 listened carefully, and then suddenly reacted: “Are you not going to act with me?” ”
” I? I’m going to look further afield,” Milmina waved her hand. “I’ve been to this place once, but it was a hurried visit. There are many things I didn’t have time to experience, and this The distance of the city is very different from when I came last time. I think the builders here have further expanded its edge. I’m going to take a look over there. As for you, feel free to familiarize yourself with this place, and we will see you in the courtyard later. ”
Hey, wait a minute,” Amone yelled subconsciously, but before his words fell, he saw Milmina’s figure quickly fade in the air, and within a 南京龙凤网 second, the convenience disappeared completely. .
“This is really just going.” Amoen sighed, but he knew that the other party had helped him a lot, so he could only shook his head helplessly, and walked along the edge of the square with the idea of ??at least walking around. Shizilu walked forward slowly.
A slightly naive female voice suddenly came from the side at this moment, causing Amone’s footsteps to stop: “Old sir! Is this your first time in this world?”
Amone looked down at the voice in surp