and explosions have enveloped the entire battlefield. Those unknown monsters are there. In the explosion, the fierce and undaunted charged forward, while the soldiers defending the city continued to spill more thunder and explosions on the enemy.

2021年5月15日 By njyeshenghuo

It’s not even time for the sword to get out of its sheath.
Of 南京桑拿会所 course, there are battle mages in this world, and the mages will also make thunder, flames, 南京炮网 arcane missiles and the like to attack enemies from a distance, but how many battle mages can be on a battlefield? How many times can a battle mage release such powerful spells?
Here, Pyroblast level spells can cover the entire battlefield!
Barto once imagined himself being pushed up the city wall by Anzu people to participate in a city defense battle: behind him stood the supervising team, while himself and the Tifeng colleagues held swords in front as a shield wall. Only by wielding swords desperately could he avoid it. After being cut off by the supervised team and seeking a chance on the battlefield, he didn’t expect that he would manipulate the trebuchets here, let alone that the “stones” thrown by these trebuchets turned out to be such terrible things!
Barto suddenly remembered the experience that he accidentally slipped 南京龙凤网 his hand when carrying those crystal bombs in the afternoon, and dropped a few “iron balls” on the wall tiles. He couldn’t help but was afraid of a cold sweat.
He didn’t know that those iron balls actually had quite reliable safety devices, and they were controlled by rune triggers, springs, and locking mechanisms, rather than simply “blow up at one touch”. When the copper pin on the ball is removed, they will have the ability to explode, and only with the strong impact thrown from the catapult to the ground will the trigger inside be released and cause an explosion. The
second round of crystal bombs is thrown by the catapult. A new round of explosions was triggered in the monster group, and by this time those monsters had already waded half of the battlefield with pow